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R&D Department

Our research and development team members possess extensive work experience and high levels of expertise. The team is well-structured and has over 40 research and development professionals.

Mold Development

We use CAD, PLM, and other software for digital design validation. On average, we complete over 100 new product developments and more than 300 molds each year.

Ningbo Well Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
Experimental Capability

The laboratory occupies 400 square meters, has five professional researchers, and boasts a total of 135 pieces of experimental equipment. Additionally, it has 250 testing devices, ensuring comprehensive performance and environmental testing for various product categories, from raw materials to finished products, to meet all regulatory standards

  • LED Light Optics Laboratory

    LED Light Optics Laboratory

  • Electricity Room

    Electricity Room

  • Metallographic/Rolling Laboratory

    Metallographic/Rolling Laboratory

  • Aging Chamber

    Aging Chamber

  • Mechnics Room

    Mechnics Room

  • Combustion Chamber

    Combustion Chamber

  • Temperature Rise Chamber

    Temperature Rise Chamber

  • Swing_Pull Complex Laboratory

    Swing_Pull Complex Laboratory

R&D Result

We have 400+ patents and over 800 global product certifications from authoritative organizations worldwide for our R&D products.

  • 400+
  • 800+
    Global product certifications